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Once you spend time, money, and effort building a new website or app, you may feel that you’ve achieved everything you wanted; everything looks great, and it’s already been bringing in new leads and customers.

In truth, as soon as you leave your website for any period of time, it immediately becomes obsolete due to the ability of the internet to advance and continuously improve.

There are times when it isn’t an issue, but there are also times when it can lead to serious security problems.

Keeping your website up to date with regular maintenance is actually fairly straightforward, Albeit the thought of keeping your website up to date with regular maintenance can be a little daunting at first. Most digital agencies and good freelancers will offer packages that keep your website looking fantastic, working perfectly, and improving over time.

How do you keep a website up to date?

Maintenance of your website can entail a variety of things, but it is essentially the necessary upkeep that keeps your website and the platform that it runs on up to date and secure.

A website maintenance checklist would include:

  • Security patches
  • Updating plugins  
  • Identify and fix anything that might have stopped working after the update
  • Ensure the site works correctly with new and updated browsers by performing cross-browser testing
  • Device compatibility, to ensure the site is working for all supported devices, including new releases
  • Server-side updates including regular backups
  • Support, including help with using a CMS
  • Essential bug fixing – especially for functional or complex websites
  • A guaranteed response time to support questions

Even packages for website maintenance can include additional services, such as hosting costs, marketing or design services, and after-hours support.

Why is website maintenance important?

A monthly maintenance plan will keep your website safe to use, updated, and working brilliantly. Otherwise, you risk having your site infected by hackers, bugs, and your customers experiencing browser compatibility issues.

First and foremost, you want a website maintenance service for security reasons. This is true especially if the website is built on an open-source platform like WordPress. 

Having such a vast array of themes and plugins makes it especially vulnerable to security threats. Even dedicated security plugins need regular updates to make sure they are up to date and remain secure.

The usability of your website is another key concern, especially if it’s more functional. If you have an ecommerce site, booking calendar, or application, you are more likely to have bugs, broken links, and user issues appear. These can impact accessibility.

Hosting companies usually also provide server updates and backups of your site as part of their service. That means that in the event that anything goes wrong with your server or site, your maintenance provider will be able to restore from a backup.

A lot of website maintenance contracts also offer additional service to help grow your business and your web product. Examples include adding new features and functionality to your website, and improving your website’s conversion rate, as well as ongoing SEO and marketing services.

Another reason that you should consider getting web maintenance is that you can ensure that you will receive a fast turnaround. If you have an ongoing maintenance contract with your web designer or developer, all requests will be guaranteed and completed in a timely manner.

Meaning that if you have an urgent issue on your site, but don’t have a service agreement in place, you’re likely going to be at the back of the queue.

How do I choose the right website maintenance service?

There are a few types of website support available, and you should choose the one that’s right for you and your business. Here are some questions to consider to help you choose the best website support:

  • Is my website business critical?
  • Can I wait until working hours for issues to be addressed?
  • Is my website on an open source platform like WordPress?
  • Do I have a simple, information-based website?
  • Could issues on my website lose me money or customers?
  • Will I need regular additional design, development or marketing work on my site?

If your website is just a small, simple site without a CMS, and you’re open to reporting issues as and when you find them, then a Reactive, or Pay As You Go, support contract might suit you.

This would mean that you don’t have anyone regularly checking your site for updates or issues, and when you spot things that need fixing, you contact your website designers and get a quote for the additional work.

If your website is on an open source platform like WordPress, then it’s advisable that you do have a proactive website maintenance service, even if it’s just for essential updates.

A proactive maintenance contract will mean that your web designer or developer will do regular checks and updates – usually on a monthly basis. 

For websites on a bespoke CMS, this is great to keep on top of browser updates and device compatibility. But if you have a WordPress website, or use another open source platform, this service is essential for keeping on top of system and plugin updates.

Many of these will be security patches, as open source platforms are a lot more vulnerable to hacks and attacks, so a proactive maintenance service is a real necessity.

If your website is a little more complex, for example if it’s got ecommerce, booking or other functionality, you might need a bit more than just proactive support.

Instead of just regular maintenance for browser, CMS and device updates, you might also want yourweb developer to set aside time to develop additional features, provide design for new pages or printwork, or even look at marketing for you.

This can be incredibly valuable if you have a more complex website or provide software as a service. It gives you the ability to adapt your features and functionality to improve the user experience, using your allocated design/development time. 

R-freshd’s detailed package includes your essential updates are managed, but you also have dedicated time set aside by R-freshd for additional work.

The highest level of website maintenance, we call grow. This is for clients whose websites are business critical – by which we mean that any loss of availability or functionality on your website poses a critical risk to your business.

This level of support isn’t required for the vast majority of websites but, for some, it’s essential.

With other website maintenance services, queries and issues are dealt with during business hours. But if with total support, you’ll have support out of hours too. 

For some businesses that just needs to be an extended working day, for example from 7am-10pm. For some clients that might need to be 24/7 availability.

For the vast majority of customers, R-freshd advises our Build or Conquer packages, depending on what your website does for you.

For most small businesses and companies that aren’t dependent on their website as their main source of revenue a pay as you go package would be fine.

What’s the cost of maintaining a website?

Our 4 different levels of service for website updates, but how much does it cost to maintain a website?

Remember, these are R-freshd’s website maintenance costs at these different service levels. Some agencies will quote higher, some lower, and some won’t provide them at all! But this should be a rough guideline for what you can expect to pay.

    This will be charged hourly, with prices that could range from £25 per hour.
    £95 per month, depending on the complexity of your website or system.
  • BUILD maintenance + additional work
    This will depend entirely on what additional work you expect to need, so will probably be somewhere upwards of £195 per month.
    £295 per month, this will often require staff to be available on call during out of hours with additional work to be completed over the month but everything is included so there’s no others fee’s to have to consider.

How can I keep my website up to date?

A monthly or annual website maintenance package from your website designer will help you keep your web product up to date and secure.

R-freshd is firm believers that a web project doesn’t end at launch day. If you’re interested in having ongoing support and maintenance for your web app or website, read more about our website support services.

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Claire Himsworth
Claire Himsworth@toetosoulholistics
Read More
Delighted with my new www.toetosoulholistics.com . Plenty more info on there and new therapies added and coming soon!! So many plans in the pipeline to be shared soon 😉 I couldn’t recommend Jessica @rfreshd enough if you are looking to upgrade/need a site. She somehow magically took my ramblings and made them exactly what I wanted 💕
Elite Transcription Service
Elite Transcription Service@elite-transcription-services
Read More
I have just had a new website and logo made by the amazing Jessica Wood at R-Freshd. They are fabulous! You can check them out at www.elitetranscriptionservice.com. I can highly recommend her work and she is a lovely, kind, professional person, who works hard to achieve your desired results.
Dominic Parker
Dominic Parker@TheCultureCrossing
Read More
Jess has that great and rare skill of being able to see a project from two sides. With a background in marketing and tech, she's able to view a project from a business and customer point of view. This was a fantastic asset when we worked together. When I decided to set up www.TheCultureCrossing.com Jess was my first thought for who to approach around the build and launch. She has a great eye for detail and the technical skillset to really make a project sing. I still turn to Jess for help and advice and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
Yvette Botteril
Yvette Botteril@cocobeachboutique.resortwear
Read More
Thank you so much for my amazing logo for my new business. I’m so happy with it. You’re so talented! Very fast, friendly and great service. I will definitely be using your services again for more of my business needs. I can highly recommend R-freshd!
Gary Gunn
Gary Gunn@kw1ckdeliveries
Read More
Absolutely brilliant to work with, web page made to what I wanted and more, top class job. Thanks
Katie Haydock
Katie Haydock@letlovesparkledesign
Read More
Jessica is brilliant!! She created my website for me and I absolutely love it. She's really easy to work with and works really hard to ensure everything is perfect. If I ever need something fixing or adding onto my website she is very quick to sort and very reliable. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend!!
Charlotte Chappell
Charlotte Chappell
Read More
I ordered a personalised banner from Jess for my sons birthday, when communicating about what I wanted the response was quick and she did everything I asked. The banner came and I was more than pleased with the work that had been done. I will definitely be ordering again for other occasions and events. Great service and I can highly recommend 🙂
Paula Rowe
Paula Rowe@Rowesbullys
Read More
Loving my new website so far cannot recommend Jessica wood enough Anyone looking for a website designer DM her she’s fantastic ❤️
Stefanis Pizzeria
Stefanis Pizzeria@StefanisPizzeria
Read More
Our NEW website is now live and was built exactly to cater for us at Stefanis, It has specific time slots, allows a customised amount of orders through the system that we can manage meaning our standards of pizza can remain high. Gotta give Jess at R-freshd a shout out for putting up with our constant messages to get this exactly how we wanted, she went above and beyond and couldn’t do enough to help us! - Please give her page a like for all things website, graphic design & marketing - she won’t disappoint!
Shell Preston
Shell Preston@BeautifiedbyShell
Read More
Extremely happy with the service received and my website looks amazing! It was made very efficiently and Jess was extremely patient and thorough, making sure I was completely happy. Couldn’t of asked for a better service. So glad I chose R-freshd! Thank you x
Carley Jade
Carley Jade@EnhancedBlackpool
Read More
This company have been absolutely amazing. My website was a mess and I just didn’t have the time to sort it out and I couldn’t make a new one as I am in contract. They have done everything I have asked so quickly, been very friendly and responsive and have sorted it all out for me. I highly recommend for anyone looking to have a website made or if they need help with their current website.
Dannii Bamber
Dannii Bamber@Queencleaningx
Read More
I highly recommend R-Freshd not only are they very professional with work to a very high standard, but are friendly quick & reliable and give that personal touch. Very pleased with my business logo design & artwork & upcoming website. 10 out of 10
Jade Bunnage
Jade Bunnage@dinkydesigns
Read More
I have worked SO hard in building it (many 3am bedtimes followed by 6am wakeup calls 😂) literally dedicated my life to building my dream... along with R-freshd who has been at my beckon call everytime I have an issue. (or many issues 🤣) Thank god for you Jessica Wood. Please follow her page she is absolutely insane at what she does!!
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